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Our Guide to Sensitive Skin

What causes skin sensitivity?

Sensitive skin can be caused by a range of factors – from excessive exposure to the elements to genetic conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

What does skin sensitivity look like?

Skin sensitivity is often characterised by redness, blotchiness, dryness, itchiness, or flaking skin.

What triggers skin sensitivity?

Skin reactions can be caused by many things, such as hormones, a new product or even external factors like pollution or sun damage.

How to Choose The Best Suncare for Sensitive Skin

Use Sunscreen Daily

Excessive sun exposure can be seriously damaging to your skin and cause redness, inflammation and premature ageing. Look for a sunscreen designed for your face as this will help you to avoid heavy products which can block pores.


SunSense Face Tint

Keep your skin looking radiant, fresh and protected! Its non-greasy formula won’t block your pores and offers a subtle tint, giving you that summer ready glow!


Look for Natural Ingredients

Look out for suncare products which contain soothing ingredients and are packed with antioxidants. These will help to repair your skin as it protects.  Look for plant-based ingredients that are packed with nutrients such as aloe, chamomile, evening primrose, rose and argan oil.

Aloe Up

With its pure aloe vera base Aloe Up not only protects but also moisturises the skin.

It’s paraben free formula means it’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin.


Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Sensitive skin will often be prone to dryness and tends to lose moisture more quickly. Therefore look for formulas that contain rich hydrating complexes such as ceramides.

Hawaiian Tropic Sensitive

This new Hawaiian Tropic Sensitive sunscreen has been delicately formulated for sensitive skin. It aims to bring luxury hydration without compromising on sun protection.


Consider a Zinc Based Product

Mineral based sun products work by reflecting the sun’s rays rather than absorb them. These products form a thin translucent layer on the skin’s surface rather than being absorbed into the skin’s surface. This means they are therefore less likely to cause a reaction.

Ultrasun Mineral

This anti-oxidant packed, lightweight, zinc based formula is perfect for even the most sensitive skin.