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Festival Essentials

Are you one of those lucky music fans heading off to Glastonbury or Isle of Wight Festival this summer?

Haven’t had a chance to think about packing yet? We’re here to help!

Here’s our handy guide to festival essentials:


Sunscreen is a must have if you’re going to be outside in the sun all day! We’d recommend using a ‘once a day’ sunscreen so you can keep enjoying the music without having to worry about reapplying as often!


Ultrasun Extreme 50

Out in the sun all day long? Stay protected for up to 8 hours with Ultrasun Extreme 50+ protection. This nifty travel size bottle is perfect for popping in your bum bag so you’re never without quality protection!


Quick Dry Towel

A quick drying travel towel is essential for festivals. Whether you’re showering, swimming or just need something to sit on while watching your favourite band play! They’re compact, lightweight and won’t take up precious room in your backpack!

Dock & Bay

Dock & Bays super quick drying compact travel towels are perfect to pop in your backpack and come in a fabulous range of eye catching colours!


Lip Balm

Late nights? Dehydration? Sun exposure? Don’t let your lips suffer. Pack a lip balm with SPF and keep your lips moisturised and protected…after all you never know who you might meet!


Beach Tent

Dancing in the sun all day? Take a break before the next act and relax protected from the sun in our lightweight beach tents.

Wilton Bradley Tent

Not just for the beach! Spend a few hours out of the sun with these lightweight tents! They protect from both UVA & UVB rays so you can take a break worry free.


Your Ticket!

Don’t be that person! It might be at the bottom of our list, but your festival ticket should be at the top of yours!

Other than that, remember to pack a wide brimmed hat, stay hydrated and most importantly – enjoy!