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“It is our mission to reduce the incidence of skin cancer through the increased use of quality sunscreen together with better education and awareness.”

In partnership with some of the best formulation scientists, Altruist was initiated by Dr Andrew Birnie, a Consultant Dematologist and skin cancer surgeon based in Canterbury. Altruist provides a premium yet affordable sunscreen through reducing the profit margins and unnecessary marketing costs.

Altruist loves the planet. Whilst the full range is Vegan, Reef friendly and Cruelty free, in 2021, 49% of all packaging was made from recycled plastic.


“We Believe The Future Is Beautiful”

Alba Botanica are 100% vegetarian products and contain botanical ingredients. This aligns with our love of the natural world. To reduce our environmental footprint, recycled packaging materials are used whenever possible, and we encourage recycling!

Alba Botanica products are never tested on, or any of the ingredients in them, on animals.

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Organically grown and processed in the Rio Grande Valley Aloe Up provides a natural aloe vera based range of sun protection that’s as kind to skin as it is to the planet. The Aloe Up range is not tested on animals and is vegan, reef and ocean friendly. With its pure aloe vera base Aloe Up not only protects but also moisturises the skin. It’s paraben and oxybenzone free formula means it’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It’s non greasy formula has the same PH as your skin and therefore is quickly absorbed and designed not to run – even when you are!

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Australian Gold offers a large range of quality sun protection. With both chemical and mineral based ranges there really is something for everyone! Australian Gold’s antioxidant rich Sun Lotion keeps your skin protected whilst natural sunflower, tea tree and olive fruit oils provide hydration to ensure you get the best tan possible. Australian Gold’s Botanical range comprises of mineral lotions to protect both you and the planet. It’s zinc oxide based formula is perfect for sensitive skin, as it keeps it protected, hydrated and moisturised. This reef friendly formula comes in a fully recyclable packaging. Need a little help achieving that golden tan? With its classic cocoa based fragrance Australian Gold Spray Gel with Instant Bronzer protects your skin whilst providing an instant bronzed tan. Infused with Vitamin C rich Kakadu plum and tea tree oil this bronzing gel not only offers high quality protection for your skin but also moisturises and cares for it.

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Banana Boat

Banana Boat’s range is made with kids in mind. It’s fragrance free formula is gentle on delicate skin, and with its high SPF it offers top quality protection to keep your little ones safe in the sunshine! The Banana Boat sunscreen range has been tested under 7 different conditions (sun, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand, and extreme heat) to make sure that it provides a safe and effective broad spectrum protection no matter what action packed adventure you’re on! The Banana Boat After Sun range for a soothing lotion or gel great for cooling over exposed skin.

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Originating from France, Bronz’ Express became the “Icon” of Self Tanner, with it being the first and only self-tan with instant effects…

Introduce your skin to beautiful, golden effects of Bronz’ Express.
– Bronz’ = Tan
– Express = Immediate results 

Combining sweet floral fragrances in tinted liquid formulas, your skin is filled instantly with a beautiful golden glow with long-lasting effects.

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CosmoSun is here with the bronziest sun care line on the market. Get your glow on with award-winning, cruelty-free formulas for all your sun care needs. Whether you’re looking to boost your bronze at the beach or achieve an instant glow while on-the-go – you’ll look gorg with CosmoSun!

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EVY’s revolutionary formula provides high quality sun protection in an easy to apply mousse. The mouse quickly absorbs throughout the top layer of your skin leaving no residue and it won’t rub off whilst swimming, sweating or towelling. This long lasting broad spectrum protection creates a barrier to protect you not only from the sun but from harsh conditions such as heat, wind, water and skin irritant chemicals. EVY’s unique formula is specially designed for ultra sensitive skin and free of perfume, preservatives and other substances that may irritate the skin. EVY is designed to be suitable for those with eczema, vitiligo and acne prone skin.
Whilst all of EVY’s sun care is suitable for children, they’re targeted kids range is an even simpler formula suitable for infants from 6 months.
EVY’s range also includes a non-greasy Daily UV Face Mousse, a formula that won’t clog pores and prevents premature sun triggered skin ageing. Team this with the Daily Tan Activator to stimulate melanin production, aiding your natural tanning ability and prolonging your tan.

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To create a truly organic skin care. This was Charlotte Vøhtz’s dream when her daughter was battling skin allergies and eczema. Searching for natural products on the high street proved difficult when ‘so-called’ natural skin care brands used almost entirely synthetic ingredients. To call a product ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, a product only requires 1% of these ingredients in the formulation to call it ‘natural’.

Green People continues to expand its range of innovative certified organic products, each one created using a wealth of knowledge and drawing on the balance of nature and science.


Hawaiian Tropic

Hawaiian Tropic has been a trusted brand for generations. All of our SPF products are PeTA accredited – Cruelty Free & Vegan. Quality sun protection combined with indulgent skin care and of course – the unmistakable tropical scent! Hawaiian Tropic offers an extensive range, spanning from protection as minimal as SPF2 all the way up to SPF50 and the renowned Hawaiian Tropic After Sun range. For those looking to achieve a deep tan Hawaiian Tropic offers both tanning and dry oils blended with rich exotic botanicals that not only offer protection from harmful UV but also moisturise your skin. Prefer a lotion? Try Hawaiian Tropic’s Silk Hydration range. Its ultra light texture is easily absorbed into the skin and the formula, infused with natural silk proteins and glycerine, hydrates your skin for up to 12 hours. Don’t forget about your face! With its ultra-luxurious feel and light tropical scent, Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Air Soft Face pampers skin without clogging pores, leaving skin feeling soft, moisturised and indulged whilst being protected from the harmful UV rays responsible for both burning and skin ageing. Finish off your tanning experience with the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun range. The luxurious body butters, lotions and cooling gels are all designed to hydrate and moisturise skin exposed to the elements, whilst leaving your skin feeling soft and smelling gorgeous.

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A truly wide range of the finest lip balms from Hurraw, to be used by everyone regardless of lifestyle. All the lip balms are made from all natural, raw, organic and fairtrade ingredients

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Island Tribe

Suncare products designed specifically with the sport lifestyle in mind.  Whether you are wanting to surf the biggest waves or looking for all-natural sunscreen for sensitive skin, Island Tribe has a product for you.  Island Tribe Clear Gel was the original product, which, to this day, has been unrivaled for water resistance and provides excellent long lasting waterproof sun proteciton for surfers and water sport enthusiasts.



JĀSÖN® (which means “healer” in Greek).

Safe, gentle and effective ingredients are selected. JASON products are rigorously tested to ensure safety and efficacy and are never tested on animals.

Constantly innovated and improved.

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Malibu offers a wide range of affordable suncare options for the whole family. With Malibu you can achieve high quality protection, without the price tag. Malibu Sun Lotion is available in a large range of SPF’s meaning there’s something for everyone. It’s water resistant and infused with vitamin E and aloe vera, providing a high quality protection whilst being kind to skin. Need a little help achieving that elusive golden tan? Malibu’s Dry Oil Gel enriched with beta-carotene enhances the natural tanning of your skin, helping you on your way to a deep rich tan.

Keep your little ones smiling too with the Malibu Kids range. It provides high SPF protection and is formulated to be kind to delicate skin, so this dermatologically tested range is perfect for the younger members of the family. We’d recommend teaming this range with Malibu’s brilliant Hair and Scalp Protector, perfect for the little rascals that just won’t keep their hats on!

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American family-owned Palmer’s has been selling natural cocoa butter and coconut oil skin and haircare products for decades, and has been around for nearly two centuries, celebrating 180th anniversary in 2020. Palmer’s engages in constant research to improve its formula and explore the finest natural ingredients out there to help with skin and hair issues. The wide range of skin and hair care products have been produced with a goal to be affordable and luxorious naturally inspired products that will help all skin types and hair types nourish their natural beauty.


For over 70 years Piz Buin has been giving sun lovers everywhere the ability to achieve the perfect balance between getting a beautiful tan and the protection they need. So whether you’re at the beach, on a mountain or in the city, Piz Buin is there to help you enjoy the sun safely. Piz Buin’s Tan & Protect range enhances your skin’s own natural tanning process whilst providing you with high quality protection. The range is infused with Melitan, a revolutionary ingredient which enhances the production of your skin’s natural tanning pigment, melanin. This accelerates the speed at which you tan, whilst keeping your skin safe. For up to 6 hours of protection try Piz Buin’s 1 Day Long sunscreen, providing you with long lasting protection in a non-greasy formula enriched with Vitamin E. Need an instant pick-me-up? Piz Buin’s Instant Glow range is infused with delicate light reflecting pearls which instantly illuminate your skin with a beautiful subtle golden shimmer. If you love the sun but find yourself with more sensitive skin, the Piz Buin Moisturising range is just the one for you. It provides advanced protection from the sun and is infused with antioxidants to help to prevent sun induced skin ageing. Alongside this, it contains a unique hydrating complex which provides intense moisturisation to help maintain the skin’s natural hydration level; keeping your skin happy – even whilst tanning.

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P4O People4Ocean

P4O People4Ocean was founded by 2 marine scientists dedicated to saving coral reef ecosystems. P4O combine mineral active ingredients and skin-loving botanicals to naturally protect and nourish even the most sensitive skin. All P4O sunscreens are infused with a signature botanical aroma exclusively composed by their beauty partners LaGaia Unedited.

Each P4O product purchased directly funds #CoralFullWorld missions, dedicated to the safeguards of reefs worldwide.

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QV is a range of soap-free, dermatologically approved emollient cleansers and moisturisers specifically developed for sensitive skin. The QV range is suitable for use with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and a range of dry skin conditions. There’s a product to suit every skin type and all times of day, from light moisturisers to intensive ointments.

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P20 sun protection gives you up to 10 hours reliable sun protection with just one application. With the highest available water resistance rating, this is a product perfect for water sports enthusiasts and adventurers alike. It’s sun protection you can rely on all day long. Available in a range of SPFs in both sprays and lotions it’s easy to apply, non-greasy and absorbs rapidly, leaving no messy white marks. P20 does not contain any added fragrance, colorants, or preservatives meaning this is protection suitable for the whole family – even those with sensitive skin!

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The Safe Sea® range is designed to provide you with a choice of a complete solution – providing high-quality solar protection, skin hydration, with their patented formula that prevents jellyfish stings. Founded by marine scientists and biotechnologists, Safe Sea® have carried out extensive research and clinical trials which allow their products to have these unique features – such as protection from jellyfish

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skinSense was born out of a vision to bring together groundbreaking technology with the highest grade concentration of unique active ingredients in order to successfully improve the skin’s appearance and tackle the signs of ageing.

Frustrated that the beauty industry often relies on outdated technology, Abi Cleeve decided to use her knowledge of once-a-day sunscreens to create skincare formulations which utilised an advanced, highly effective technology.

The result is a range of beautifully lightweight skincare, which uses innovative lamellar technology to lock active ingredients into the skin so that they work longer and better.

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We care about the planet.

We care about the animals.

We care about our families.

So, we continue to look for ways to make our products without stuff that could hurt any of them.

Sun Bum ® products are made, tested, and filled in the USA — with globally sourced components.


Australian born SunSense has quickly become one of the UK’s top selling sunscreen providers. Thanks to our friends ‘down under’ SunSense provides the highest quality protection – without the price tag! SunSense offers a range of products to suit the whole family!

From Ultra Sensitive and Kids roll on options to keep your little ones smiling, to tinted face lotions and anti ageing formulas to give you that sun kissed glow. Team this with the SunSense ultra-moisturising lip balm for luxurious protection.

The whole range of SunSense protection has been formulated using high quality ingredients that will quickly adhere to your skin. SunSense’s range contain plant based sources of glycerin and therefore are vegan friendly. SunSense does not test on animals.

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On a mission to create worry-free natural sunscreen products which are free from synthetic ingredients – using organic oils, waxes, butters and natural minerals to formulate products.  Each product has been carefully crafted, tested in real world sessions on a multitude of skin types until we’re 100% happy with how it works.

Sun Tropic is a range of water-resistant sun protection and after sun products that are all 100ml – the perfect size for handbag, or travel bags.  With anti-ageing ingredients, the sun protection is available in oil or lotion, plus a tanning oil option for customers looking for something for a natural long-lasting tan.  Don’t forget to keep stocked up with after sun – essential skin care after sun exposure, re-hydrating and nourishing your skin after time in the sun.


Ultrasun offers a wide range of sunscreen protection suitable for the whole family! From their ultra sensitive Kids collection, to the Sport range for those always on the move. The luxurious Ultrasun Face range means we’ve got you covered from head to toe! Ultrasun has plenty of added skin care options to choose from, particularly within the Ultrasun Face range. These include anti-pigmentation, anti-ageing, and tinted sunscreens to give your skin a warm glow. Ultrasun’s products do not contain any perfumes, emulsifiers or preservatives so it really is suitable for everyone, even the members of the family with more sensitive skin! Their newest products include Ultrasun Tan Activator and Ultrasun Glimmer giving you the ability to achieve high protection, without sacrificing your tan! Ultrasun also offers a travel size range so you never have to be without your favourite products. Looking for long-lasting protection for the whole family? Ultrasun comes doctor recommended, so you can keep everyone smiling in the sun! The Ultrasun sunscreen range is free from animal testing and vegan friendly* * excluding the Ultrasun Lip Balm (contains beeswax)

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Over 30 years ago, Zinka created a product which took the world by storm. The first ever coloured zinc oxide sunscreen which is now used all over the world by everyone from surfers to festival goers. With 25% zinc oxide, the original nosecoat is the best total sunblock protection available. Visible on your skin, Zinka nosecoat reflects sunlight, blocks out UVA & UVB rays and is highly water resistant. Available in 10 different colours, from flesh coloured to neon, so you can let your personality shine! Zinka suncare products are endorsed by dermatologists, professional athletes and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide! Try it yourself and see why!

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