Our Top 5 Brands
A mountain and a man with a vision
It all started in 1938 with a mountain - and a man with a vision. Franz Greiter, a Swiss chemistry student and passionate mountaineering enthusiast, suffered overexposure to the sun while scaling the PIZ BUIN mountain. He took his experience and embraced nature's challenge, inventing the first Sun Protection Product in 1946: a product that finally enabled anyone who shared the passion for living life in the sun to do so safely.
Innovative protection meets glamorous beauty
Together with his wife, Margo, a trained Beautician, Franz Greiter developed the glamorous brand that PIZ BUIN® has become today, always managing to capture the Zeitgeist*, through iconic imagery, contemporary packaging and products that have repeatedly proved to deliver unforgettable experiences. Evocative fragrances, sensual textures and great esthetics all distinguish the PIZ BUIN® experience, an experience that can only be described as inspiring and iconic.
The HAWAIIAN TROPIC™ brand was founded in 1969 and has been a luxurious skin essential since, providing a broad spectrum of UVA & UVB protection. Inspired by native Hawaiians blending natural plant oils to smooth onto their skin, we created and bottled our own blend and by 1974, it was so popular we had to go into full-scale production from Daytona Beach, Florida.
Since then, we've been taking care of sun-kissed skin all over the world, providing the indulgence you want with the protection you need. The Hawaiian Tropic™ brand offers lotions, oils and luxurious after suns, all designed to pamper your skin with irresistible formulas and indulge your senses with exotic botanical ingredients and fragrances.
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Summer is all about having family fun in the sun
To make sure sun protection doesn't get in your way, Banana Boat has designed an effective and easy to apply sun care range for the whole family.
Our products provide reliable UVA and UVB protection against sunburn and long term skin damage as well as additional features such as UltraMist™ spray application, 'Tear Free' and 'Powder Dri' formulas.
Available in Baby & Kids, Protection and Sport ranges, the whole family can use it and enjoy a full day in the sun.
The Swiss company Ultrasun was founded in 1992 and specializes in the development and manufacture of sun protection products.
All Ultrasun products are free of perfume, oil and emulsifiers. They are photostable, waterproof and dermatologically tested. Ultrasun closely collaborates with specialists at home and abroad and regularly brings out innovative products.
The products are available in Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, and in the Benelux states.
For over 20 years, the Australian Gold® brand has continually produced lotions with superior bronzing power, advanced skincare and unbeatable results. The Australian Gold Accelerato™ lotion continues to be the number one seller in the industry. New technologies such as DermaDark® blend keep Australian Gold in the forefront of the industry as the most recognised brand in indoor tanning.