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No – they aren’t.  We recommed washing your empty Solar Buddie is lukewarm soapy water frequently.  The applicator head can be washed regularly to stop it from getting clogged with sunscreen.

Wet Ones antibacterial hand wipes are just as effective as hand sanitisers in killing 99.9% of bacteria, but they are more effective than hand sanitisers by wiping away dirt and mess.

The handy pack size fits in pockets and bags, and can safely be carried through airport security.

Yes, make sure you allow your sun proteciton to dry for around 15 minutes and then you can apply your normal make up.

Yes, SunSense can be applied with other products and makeup.

Yes, it contains ingredients that are suitable for children with no added fragrance or colourants.  It is important to keep babies and young children out of direct sunlight.

The best way to protect your baby’s skin from harmful UV rays is keep them in the shade and out of direct sunlight, especially under 6 months.  Their delicate skin is much more sensitive under age 6 months and is therefore best protected by avoiding direct exposure and also using protective clothing – such as t-shirts, leggings and sun hats, which will keep them cool as well as prevent harmful UV rays.

For babies over 6 months and young kids, we recommend using sun protective products – especially on parts of the skin not protected by clothing – of at least Sun Protective Factor (SPF) 30. Many brands provide sun protection products that are specifically designed for Babies and Kids delicate skins.


All EVY products are stored in an airtight can, which keeps it from coming into contact with oxygen, and therefore doesn’t go off – which also means it’s completely free of preservatives and alcohol too.

There is a best before date, printed on the bottom of the bottle, although it is still effective past that date.

Riemann P20 is classified as Very Water Resistant and offers superior sun protection even after time in the water.  Here’s some examples of when you should re-apply

If you have toweled vigorously – and therefore rubbed off.

If you have showered and used soap, scrub or loofah or if you have toweled vigorously, you will need to re-apply.

After excessive sweating

Our short answer is yes.  Throughout the year, across the world, the sun is emitting powerful rays, which are strong enough to light and heat our planet.  Even during winter months and cloudy days, our skin is therefore exposed to varying degress of these rays.  Some of these harmful rays will directly reach our skin, whether we are bathing in the sun, or spending lots of time outdoors.  Whilst some harmful rays will indirectly reach our skin, by reflecting off surfaces, such as snow or ice.

No – the Solar Buddies comes empty, ready for you to fill it with your chosen sun protection

Yes and no – depending on the ingredients of each product.  It is best to refer to the individual product details.  Many will provide an indication of how long to keep once opened, and some also provide you with a manufactured date, and occassionally a best before date.

Like with many cosmetic products, once opened, if their airtight seal is broken, some natural degradation may occur and it’s best to use the product within the time indicated on the container.

Wet Ones have a shelf life of 2 years form date of manufacture, which can be found on the back of all packs

We know you want to keep your pets safe, so we wouldn’t recommend applying sunscreen to an animal unless it has been specifically formulated to be safe on pets.  Many animals self-groom by licking, therefore the risk for pets is linked to ingestion of sunscreen.

Our advice is to keep an area of shade for your pets outdoors and always have fresh water available for them to drink.

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Great question – the answer is no, there are no bananas in the products.

All sunscreens can leave stains, especially on white clothing and fabrics.  We recommend making sure you have allowed products to be properly absorbed into the skin before coming into contact with fabrics or putting clothes on.

In test, EVY may leave a very faint yellow colour on white clothes, but this washes out.

No, safe Sea has been designed with ingredients which deactivate the stinging mechanism. and is not harmful to the jellyfish and is also non-toxic for the marine envrionment

No – all Suntribe sunscreens are 100% free from nanoparticles.

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It works simultaneously by repelling insects, including mosquitoes, ticks, sandflies, wasps, fleas, bees, midges, gnats, etc… and camouflaging your kairomones.Incognito mosquito repellent is biodegradable and will not harm any animals.

What are kairomones? Just as humans are attracted to each other’s pheromones, insects are attracted to their hosts by kairomones – the one mosquitoes are particularly partial to is carbon dioxide. Others include lactic and carboxylic acids. Kairomones are eliminated by the body in proportion to the rate of metabolism. Therefore the more active, the more attractive a meal you are! Most kairomones can be detected by a female mosquito up to one kilometre away!

The QV range offers Gentle Wash, Skin Lotion and Bath Oil.  Each product is free from ingredients which dry out you skin; and fragrances which can irritate skin sensitivities; and free from ingredients which may be mildly comedogenic – which clog and block your pores.

Each product would have slightly different shelf life, but all are made freshly in small batches.  Make sure you store your product in a cool dry place to keep it fresh for the longest possible time.

All Ultrasun products have a shelf life of 36 months / 3 years from the date of production.   Once opened, they can be used for a period of 24 months / 2 years

We’d recommend waiting at least 15 minutes before touching materials or fabrics or putting on clothing.

Getting the right amount of sun protection is essential to keeping ourselves safe in the sun.  Our recommendation is that you would need approx 35ml sun protection to cover the body of an average adult.  The number of times you will need to apply will depend on what you are doing and which product you are using.

If you needed to re-apply every 2 hours – which is our general recommendation, this would mean at least 3 applications per day (a total of 105ml) meaning that for 7 days, you’d need 735ml of sun protection.

Our recommended amount for children is slightly less – ranging from 10ml for an average sized 2 year old to 30ml for an average sized teenager.

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There are many sun protection products that are specifically formulated for skin sensitivities, so knowing what triggers your particular skin reaction is the key to picking the right product for your skin.  Many of the mineral based Sun Protection products use ingredients that form a thin layer on your skin, rather than being absorbed into your skin, making them less likely to cause a reaction.

Yes – if your GP or dermatologist sees a clinical need for sunscreen and it is available to all pharmacies.

Almost all orders are sent in boxes, produced with at least 75% recycled paper/cardboard and are therefore recyclable themselves.  For the small number that are sent in other packaging bags or small boxes, we make every effort to use eco-friendly packaging whenever possible.

Many of the products we stock are also made using recycled and recyclable materials, more details can be found on the product description – look for the Recycable symbol

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These are treatments that are applied directly to your skin to moisturise, soothe and hydrate – often used to help manage dry skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis and ichthyosis.

The following chemical sun filters are used in EVY products, to achieve the highest possible protection from both UVA and UVB rays

UVA Filters

Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine

Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate

Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane

UVB Filters


Ethylhexyl Triazone

You can find the manufacture date and expiry date on the bottom of the bottle / outer carton or on the crimping of the tube.

All SunSense products include an expiry date on the product – which is between 3-5 years from the date of manufacture.  The product will still be effective up until that date, even if it has been opened.


This is a technology, patented by Banana Boat which enables the products to maintain UVA protection for longer. It features Avobenzone as the UVA Absorber, with stabilisers and enhancers to make it more long lasting and efficient protection

Take care of your Solar Buddie by not leaving it in direct sunlight, especially in heat over 30C and avoid getting sand in the unit, especially on the roller ball or sponge.

It’s the aerated formula which enables the foams to be absorbed more deeply and quickly into the skin.

Like many sun proteciton products, Riemann P20 may stain.  To avoid this, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after application and allow your sun protection to fully dry before making contact with clothing or fabrics.

In the unfortunate event that you get some on your clothes, be careful not to use bleach – as this sometimes causes the stain to turn pink!

Here’s a pre-wash treatment for your garment:

Pour some denatured alcohol (methylated spirits) into a deep dish. Dip the stained piece of fabric into the dish. It is important to cover the stain with the alcohol. Stir with a spoon for about 1 min. Take the fabric out of the dish.
Dry the fabric between two pieces of paper towel.
Do not re-use the alcohol as the color from the stain is now stored in the alcohol used.
If necessary, repeat the method until the stain has been removed.
Once the stain has been removed from the garment, wash it in the usual way in accordance with the instructions on the care label.
The above method is not advisable for use on leather or suede.

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You can find a list of ingredients on the back of the product or pack and on our product pages

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It’s important to use your Solar Buddies with a sun protection that works well on your skin.  We would recommend using a medium to thick consistency to avoid leaks.  Also, we highly advise to use low or no alochol products, as this may have an affect on the adhesive or foam applicator

Being exposed to the sun will dehydrate your skin, even if it doesn’t feel burned.  After being in the sun, it’s essential to rehydrate your skin, to repair from damage that is not immediately visible and to reduce inflammation, keeping your skin in top condition.    We also recommend drinking sufficient water during the day to keep hydrated from the inside.

Research has shown that Zinc Oxide is the safest UV Filter in terms of safety for the environment, animals and humans, offering the most powerful mineral filter against harmful UVA rays.