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Our Brand

Our Brand

In June 2018, The Suncare Shop rebranded. It’s been almost 10 years since we launched and we thought it was time to give our look a little refresh. Over the last few years, our sun icon has become a big part of our brand and we were keen to keep that as part of the brand.

For those of you that know our brand well, you’ll know it was famous for one thing, PINK! Most of our marketing material has been pink, including The Suncare Shop van. We didn’t want to lose that identity but we wanted to add other colours to our palette so as to not overload on the pink but instead, use it to highlight the important things we don’t want you to miss. With this in mind, we developed the following brand colours.

Brand Colours


Along with new colours, we wanted to take a look at our typography. Websites have changed a lot since we first launched and now with the ability to use custom fonts, we had a number of options. We wanted something easy to read without losing the character of The Suncare Shop. After trying quite a few different combinations we selected Alegreya Sans and Open Sans.


We wanted to keep our sun icon as part of the logo and redevelop the text part of the logo. With pink being a big part of our brand we wanted to incorporate it into this part of the logo without being over the top. After a lot of work adjusting curves and spacing, we finished with the logo below. The curves follow the same line as the sun icon to make the whole thing feel connected rather than two different parts. Below are the various logo combinations.

Social Media

We love to run giveaways, especially on Social Media and we wanted our posts to be instantly recognisable. We created a simple but effective template for our giveaway posts to help our wonderful followers quickly recognise them, keep your eyes peeled on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for our next giveaway! Here’s an example of a previous giveaway.

Special Mention

The rebranding process can be a very tricky one, especially when it’s mostly conducted in-house as everyone has their own preferences and ideas about how it should look. One of the key things we did was to bring in Brightec to support us in this process. We knew that we needed to be thinking about our customers, not our own preferences and bringing in an external agency helped us to do that.

Over a few weeks, both Jotham and Josh from Brightec came in to help us work it through. It started with understanding the brand direction and company values and objectives before putting the final touches on the logo and brand colours, all while considering accessibility. The Suncare Shop and Brightec have a long-standing relationship and we look forward to continuing our work with them.