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Dock & Bay Cabana Towel Kuta Pink – Extra Large

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Where it all began! Launching in August 2015, Dock & Bay set out to create the ultimate quick dry beach towel. Well here it is.. their signature Cabana Kuta Pink Striped Towel.


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Dock & Bay Cabana Towel Kuta Pink is a stylish and innovative towel made from microfibre material that has endless benefits over a traditional towel.

Made of microfibre.
Quick dry.
Compact & lightweight.
Prevents sand from sticking.
Use it as a cover or sun bed.
Elastic hook to hang and dry.
100% biodegradable outer plastic packaging

This stylish and innovative towel is made from microfibre material that has endless benefits over your traditional towel. Including: being quick drying, highly absorbent, compact when folded, sand free and won’t collect damp smells making it your perfect companion for the gym, running, yoga and all kind of activities indoor or outdoor.

Compact and lightweight the Dock & Bay Towel will save you room in your suitcase for the things that really matter. It’s material prevents sand from sticking to it which allows you to use it as a great sun bed or a cover.

The classic towel is a great solution and alternative to your traditional way-too-big and bulky towel and is so much more! If you’re new to our towels, do not worry, it’ll be your new favourite towel in no time. After all, you never forget your first.
Perfect for days out at the beach, swimming, sailing, for the whole family and to be the centre of attention!

Size Details

Size: Large Towel 160cm x 80cm
Compact Carry Bag: 24cm x 14cm

Size: Extra Large Towel 200cm x 90cm
Compact Carry Bag: 30cm x 16cm

Dock & Bay

The ultimate quick dry beach towel – now in a range of innovative, high quality, affordable and sustainable products that our customers can’t seem to get enough of – towels, ponchos, hairwraps and more that won’t take up unnecessary space in your bag. The Dock & Bay brand has begun making gradual changes that minimise environmental impact & giving back to causes we care about, creating a brand that future generations will be proud of. From 2021, all our products are made from 100% recycled materials.