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Giant Inflatable Sparkly Unicorn Ring Pool Float

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Giant Inflatable Sparkly Unicorn Ring. Adventure awaits.


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Getting a unicorn to chill with you in your pool might seem impossible, but here it is – giant inflatable sparkly unicorn ring. Designed for doing epic stuff during epic summer vacations.

Even better, it sparkles in the sunlight, just like your personality. The durable vinyl construction holds up to all sorts of summer fun, and we sized it juuuuuust right so that it won’t hog up all the space in your pool.


Made from thick, durable vinyl for long-lasting fun time and time again.
Over 5ft long
This giant inflatable sparkly unicorn ring is perfectly sized for big fun in any size pool
Great for pool parties, beach days and vacations
Easy to wipe down, inflate/deflate and store
Recommended for age 8 years and over.