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Green People SPF 30 Children’s Scent Free Sun Lotion 150ml

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Protect your children’s skin with this organic and scent-free sun lotion.


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OrganicKids SpecificLotionPerfume FreeSPFUVA & UVB

Green People SPF 30 Children’s Scent Free Sun Lotion is a popular natural, organic sun protection option to keep children safe in the sun. Green People SPF 30 Children’s sun lotion protects you from both UVA and UVB rays and has been made to be as sensitive as possible on your children’s skin. This formula is made with organic ingredients and scent free, to help keep the protection as natural as possible for sensitive, delicate skin.

To create a truly organic skin care. This was Charlotte Vøhtz’s dream when her daughter was battling skin allergies and eczema. Searching for natural products on the high street proved difficult when ‘so-called’ natural skin care brands used almost entirely synthetic ingredients. To call a product ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, a product only requires 1% of these ingredients in the formulation to call it ‘natural’.

Green People continues to expand its range of innovative certified organic products, each one created using a wealth of knowledge and drawing on the balance of nature and science.


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