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Island Tribe Natural Lab Sunscreen SPF 30 100ml

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Island Tribe Natural Lab Sunscreen SPF 30 100ml. Organic, water resistant protection. Safe for kids and sensitive skin.


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Natural, organic sun protection rich in anti oxidants. Island Tribes’ Natural Lab was developed in order to create products that are only made from natural ingredients. This means that all the ingredients have come from the earth and no harmful chemicals have been added. The Natural Lab SPF 30 Sunscreen is a high protection broad-spectrum sunscreen

The product is rich in antioxidants, all of which are certified organic. It has a tint to suit most skin types, which rubs in clear when applied to the skin and can be used under make up. You’ll find this product great to use, leaving a lighter feeling than most other natural sunscreens. Helps protect against hyper-pigmentation caused by the sun.


Contains organic ingredients: Sunflower seed oil, olive oil, Aloe Vera, Rosemary and Green Rooibos (be careful not to get this on your clothes as the green rooibos could stain).
Free of artificial colourants and fragrances
Suitable for use under make up.
Water resistant
High protection
Safe for use on kids and sensitive skins.

Island Tribe

Suncare products designed specifically with the sport lifestyle in mind.  Whether you are wanting to surf the biggest waves or looking for all-natural sunscreen for sensitive skin, Island Tribe has a product for you.  Island Tribe Clear Gel was the original product, which, to this day, has been unrivaled for water resistance and provides excellent long lasting waterproof sun proteciton for surfers and water sport enthusiasts.


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