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Lancaster Invisible Face Mist SPF 15 200ml

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Lancaster Invisible Face Mist SPF 15. Perfect for sports and active days. Fast drying, alcohol free and easy to apply.

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Lancaster Invisible Face Mist SPF 15, is part of the Sun Sport range. This moisturising sun protection mist is refreshing, fast-drying and water & sweat resistant; perfect for people on the go.

What do you look for in your sun protection? This range has been uniquely formulated to offer protection against all 4 types of light rays from the sun. 4 types? Yes, that’s right: UVB, UVA, Visible Light and Infrared. Lancaster Invisible Face Mist SPF 15 offers Full Light Technology protection.


Lightweight and fast-drying formula
Non-greasy, non-oily texture
Alcohol free and fragrance-free
Water and sweat resistant
Full Light Technology, targets 100 percent sun rays (UVB + UVA + Visible Light + Infrared) for a sunny tan.

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