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Malibu 2 Pack SPF 30 Lip Gloss Coconut & Strawberry

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Malibu 2 piece SPF30 flavoured lip gloss sticks with sunscreen protection.


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Moisturising protection for your lips with Malibu Lip Gloss with SPF 30 in Coconut and Strawberry flavours. These glosses are resistant to sun and wind, plus they are water resistant. Apply regularly to keep your lips looking lush

Malibu offers a wide range of affordable suncare options for the whole family. With Malibu you can achieve high quality protection, without the price tag. Malibu Sun Lotion is available in a large range of SPF’s meaning there’s something for everyone. It’s water resistant and infused with vitamin E and aloe vera, providing a high quality protection whilst being kind to skin. Need a little help achieving that elusive golden tan? Malibu’s Dry Oil Gel enriched with beta-carotene enhances the natural tanning of your skin, helping you on your way to a deep rich tan.

Keep your little ones smiling too with the Malibu Kids range. It provides high SPF protection and is formulated to be kind to delicate skin, so this dermatologically tested range is perfect for the younger members of the family. We’d recommend teaming this range with Malibu’s brilliant Hair and Scalp Protector, perfect for the little rascals that just won’t keep their hats on!

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