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Safe Sea Jellyfish Sting Protection Lotion

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Safe Sea Jellyfish Sting Protection Lotion. Keep your skin safe from the harmful sting of jellyfish.


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SO HOW DOES THIS WORK? This product contains unique, patented ingredients which deactivate the stinging mechanism, leaving you safe and sound. They will:

– Make it difficult for stinging tentacles to grip onto the slippery lotion.

– Mimic jellyfish – so they think your skin is a jellyfish too!

– Block the stinging process being activated.

– Prevent the sting being fired.

The ingredients in Safe Sea Sunscreen Lotion with Jellyfish Sting Protection do not harm the jellyfish and are non-toxic for the marine enviroment. Jellyfish and other living organisms are becoming increasingly common both at home and abroad, but Safe Sea will help to take the sting out of any chance encounter!

Each bottle of Safe Sea Sunscreen with Jellyfish Sting Protection comes in a 118ml (4 fl oz) bottle. Typically, one bottle contains enough lotion to allow four complete body applications. Each application is good for about 80 minutes when swimming or diving in and out of the water.

The Safe Sea® range is designed to provide you with a choice of a complete solution – providing high-quality solar protection, skin hydration, with their patented formula that prevents jellyfish stings. Founded by marine scientists and biotechnologists, Safe Sea® have carried out extensive research and clinical trials which allow their products to have these unique features – such as protection from jellyfish

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