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Solar Buddies Refillable Sunscreen Applicator Green

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Solar Buddies Refillable Sunscreen Applicator. Mess-free, easy to use sunscreen applicator for kids, that they will love to use.


SKU: 0659436258747-GREEN
Kids Specific

The original Solar Buddies refillable sunscreen applicator is unique because it has been designed specifically for use by children.

Solar Buddies is a fun, innovative product that will help you and your kids make sure their skin is covered with sunscreen to protect them from harmful UV. It’s simple to fill and simple to use, making your trips to the beach, or park, holidays at home or abroad and even the school run, much more pleasant. We know sun safety is a top priority for parents, and it’s great to know that Solar Buddies are here to protect as well as help to educate your children about sun safety.

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