Eucerin Sun Protection Sensitive Protect Creme SPF 50+ 50ml


Eucerin Sensitive Protect Face Sun Cream SPF50+ is a special sunscreen for your face. It's good for people with dry and sensitive skin. This sunscreen helps keep your skin safe from the sun and prevents it from aging too quickly or getting dark spots. It also works even if you get wet. It has strong protection against the sun's harmful rays. Plus, it won't easily wash off when you sweat. It's made following some important rules to keep your skin safe. This sunscreen has special ingredients like Licorice Extract and Glycyrrhetinic Acid that help your skin stay healthy and protect it from sun damage.

  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin
  • Protects against sun damage, premature aging, and dark spots
  • Water-resistant
  • Strong sun protection
  • Resistant to sweat
  • Contains Licorice Extract and Glycyrrhetinic Acid
  • Promotes skin health and sun protection

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