EVY Daily Tan Activator 150ml - 2 Pack Saver

£29.59 £40.00
EVY’s technology enhances the effect of antioxidants and other active substances, such as Dihydroxy Methylchromonyl Palmitate that stimulates the production of the skin´s melanin. The formula accelerates, deepens and prolongs your tan. The effect takes about a week to be visible because it is based on the skin’s ability to produce melanin. This is not a ‘fake tan’ product. The formulation mimics and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, prevents dehydration and prepares the skin before the stresses of summer. It is intensively caring, suitable for all skin types, but ideal for dry and sensitive skin, all year round. The mousse leaves no residue, doesn’t clog pores and works excellently under makeup. The bottle is sealed, which keeps the mousse fresh and hygienic. Free from perfume and preservatives. Allergy Tested. 150 ml.
  • 2 pack of EVY Daily Tan Activator 150ml
  • Stimulates melanin production.
  • Enriched with antioxidants.
  • Moisturising formula .

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