Malibu Tanning Oil Travel Pack Bag - Fast Tanning, SPF 4 and Aloe Vera Gel

£7.19 £7.99
Malibu Tanning Oil Travel Pack comes in a clear zip-up pouch, super handy to add in to your carry on bags when travelling .  It's compact and fits neatly into your bag, to keep your sunscreen ready to hand as soon as your arrive at your destination.

Each Malibu Tanning Oil Travel Pack contains 3 handy 100ml bottles for all-round sun protection and skin care after sun exposure. 
  • Malibu Fast Tanning Oil - formulated for easy application, this bronzing oil, is made to give boost the natural tanning process in your skin. It's got a tropical coconut fragrance.  This product doesn't offer protection.
  • Malibu Tanning Oil SPF 4 - this is also a bronzing oil, helping to boost your skin's natural tanning.  This product offers low protection - SPF 4.
  • Malibu Aftersun Gel, enriched with healing properties of the Aloe Vera Plant.
Also available in lotion pack and dry oil pack .

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