Nivea Sun Kids Protect & Care Spray SPF 30 200ml - 3 Pack Saver


NIVEA's Coloured Lotion Spray offers children robust SPF 30 protection against sunburn and sun-induced skin harm. With instant UVA/UVB defence and exceptional water resistance, it's perfect for beach or pool outings during scorching summer days.

The tinted formula ensures uniform application for comprehensive coverage. Dermatologically tested for skin compatibility, it boasts several advantages: even coverage, high SPF, water resistance, immediate protection, and gentle moisturization.

  • Coloured: Ensures even coverage
  • SPF 30: High protection factor reduces sun damage risk
  • Water-resistant: Highly resistant to water
  • Immediate Protection: Shields against harmful UV rays instantly
  • Moisturising: Nourishes sensitive skin gently

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