Wilton Bradley

Wilton Bradley Blue Beach Tent UPF 40

The Blue Beach Tent UPF 40 from Wilton Bradley is such a handy sun protection shelter for your whole family.  It's versatile to use at home, at the park or at the beach. We have wondered why it's called a beach tent, because it's lightweight and portable to have with you on any family adventures anywhere. Not just for kids. The Blue  Beach Tent UPF 40 would be great at festivals, summer picnics and more.
  • Very quick to assemble. 
  • If there's a breeze, make sure you weigh it down, so it doesn't get blown away.
  • Once assembled, this shelter gives a good amount of shade - 196cm (w) x 117cm (d) x 108cm (h).
  • The Blue Beach Tent UPF 40 is made of material with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 40, which can block out at least 97.5% of UV.
  • Instructions on how to fold away are included in the pack.  It only takes a few minutes, once you know how to fold correctly back into the carry case.  Be firm, but gentle when packing it away.

Your Blue Beach Tent UPF 40 pack contains

  • Circular carry bag with handle straps for easy transporting (measuring 50cm diameter, weighing approx 0.67kg).
  • Blue Beach Tent UPF 40.
Also available in Red.

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