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The best way to protect your baby’s skin from harmful UV rays is keep them in the shade and out of direct sunlight, especially under 6 months.  Their delicate skin is much more sensitive under age 6 months and is therefore best protected by avoiding direct exposure and also using protective clothing – such as t-shirts, leggings and sun hats, which will keep them cool as well as prevent harmful UV rays.

For babies over 6 months and young kids, we recommend using sun protective products – especially on parts of the skin not protected by clothing – of at least Sun Protective Factor (SPF) 30. Many brands provide sun protection products that are specifically designed for Babies and Kids delicate skins.


Our short answer is yes.  Throughout the year, across the world, the sun is emitting powerful rays, which are strong enough to light and heat our planet.  Even during winter months and cloudy days, our skin is therefore exposed to varying degress of these rays.  Some of these harmful rays will directly reach our skin, whether we are bathing in the sun, or spending lots of time outdoors.  Whilst some harmful rays will indirectly reach our skin, by reflecting off surfaces, such as snow or ice.

Yes and no – depending on the ingredients of each product.  It is best to refer to the individual product details.  Many will provide an indication of how long to keep once opened, and some also provide you with a manufactured date, and occassionally a best before date.

Like with many cosmetic products, once opened, if their airtight seal is broken, some natural degradation may occur and it’s best to use the product within the time indicated on the container.

We know you want to keep your pets safe, so we wouldn’t recommend applying sunscreen to an animal unless it has been specifically formulated to be safe on pets.  Many animals self-groom by licking, therefore the risk for pets is linked to ingestion of sunscreen.

Our advice is to keep an area of shade for your pets outdoors and always have fresh water available for them to drink.

Getting the right amount of sun protection is essential to keeping ourselves safe in the sun.  Our recommendation is that you would need approx 35ml sun protection to cover the body of an average adult.  The number of times you will need to apply will depend on what you are doing and which product you are using.

If you needed to re-apply every 2 hours – which is our general recommendation, this would mean at least 3 applications per day (a total of 105ml) meaning that for 7 days, you’d need 735ml of sun protection.

Our recommended amount for children is slightly less – ranging from 10ml for an average sized 2 year old to 30ml for an average sized teenager.

There are many sun protection products that are specifically formulated for skin sensitivities, so knowing what triggers your particular skin reaction is the key to picking the right product for your skin.  Many of the mineral based Sun Protection products use ingredients that form a thin layer on your skin, rather than being absorbed into your skin, making them less likely to cause a reaction.

You can find a list of ingredients on the back of the product or pack and on our product pages

Being exposed to the sun will dehydrate your skin, even if it doesn’t feel burned.  After being in the sun, it’s essential to rehydrate your skin, to repair from damage that is not immediately visible and to reduce inflammation, keeping your skin in top condition.    We also recommend drinking sufficient water during the day to keep hydrated from the inside.