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Travel Size Sunscreen

One of the things we love best about living in the UK is the ability to hop on a plane and enjoy so many brilliant destinations in Europe and beyond.

But snapping up those cheap flights has a few drawbacks, such as trying to cram all your favourite holiday essentials into a cabin-size bag. Travel size toiletries and minis when travelling with cabin luggage are a must; they save precious room in your bag and enable you to stick to the 100ml regulations for all checked in luggage.

We often get asked the question: what size sunscreen can I take on a plane? So to help with that, we’ve put together a list of what liquids are allowed in your hand luggage for when you’re planning your next trip.

What can I take in my hand luggage?

You are allowed to include liquids in your hand luggage but bear in mind: *

Containers must hold a maximum of 100ml. Anything larger may be confiscated by security officials.
Containers holding toiletries must be in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag. You can pick these up just before heading to the scanners. You’ll need to show its contents to the airport security.
Remember – it’s one plastic bag per passenger
The bag must be able to close and seal (it can’t be knotted or tied!)
Most airports will have bags available at security, they do sometimes charge for them.

this info was accurate on 27/02/19 from

Our top travel size sunscreen picks for your cabin luggage

Here are our favourite travel size sun protection products, handy for easy check-in and perfect for keeping in your bag as you head out to explore your sunny destination!

EXCLUSIVE to the Suncare Shop
Ultrasun Hand Luggage Essentials Pack

This handy pack comes complete with all the sun protection essentials you’ll need in your hand luggage in a branded Ultrasun bag. The pack includes Sports SPF 30 which is perfect for water sports and exploring outdoors, Ultrasun’s Family Formula SPF 30 which is a great allrounder (and just the right size for carrying in your bag on a day out) , a top quality lip protector AND Ultrasun’s After Sun moisturising fluid.

Malibu Clear Hair and Scalp Protector SPF 50 50ml

Unless you’ve got a hat on, your hair and scalp are exposed to the sun each time you head outside. This pocket size 50ml protector spray offers great protection and coverage. You can either spray it straight on to your scalp or pop some in the palm of your hand and apply with your finger tips. It’s non-greasy, water resistant and long-lasting, just the ticket for a day out exploring.

Riemann P20 SPF 30 100ml spray

This is one of our most popular travel size products as it offers long lasting sun protection. It can be used under makeup for daily use, as well as to protect your whole body when enjoying the sun on holiday.

Ultrasun Super Sensitive Sun Protection Family Formula SPF 30 100ml

This classic Ultrasun formula (non-staining, non-greasy and water-resistant) is a great all rounder offering great protection throughout the day. The 100ml airless pump dispenser meets hand luggage size requirements for plane travel and prevents product deterioration and contamination so you can pop it back in your bathroom cabinet until your next holiday!

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