SkinSense Collagen Gummies 60 pcs

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Nourish from within with these brand new multi-vitamin collagen gummies for a visible healthy glow! As we age, the formation of our own collagen production begins to decrease leading to the signs of ageing including loss of skin elasticity, tone, and hydration. SkinSense Collagen Gummies are high in readily absorbed marine collagen, Vitamin C and Vitamin A (Retinol) to support and replenish the healthy formation of skin, hair and nails. Soft and easy to chew, these gummies have a delicious fruity pomegranate flavour.

Typical Values per 1 gummy:
- 5000mg of Marine Collagen
- 80mg of Vitamin C, equal to 100% of your RDI
- 1,200μg of Vitamin A, equal to 150% of your RDI

Free From:
Wheat, Dairy, Nuts, Lactose. 

      Take 2 gummies daily. 

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