Aloe Up

Aloe Kote Lip Balm For Nose, Lips and Ears SPF 25 7g - 4 Pack Saver

£24.99 £27.80

Enriched with the calming properties of aloe, this balm offers a nurturing shield for your lips. From brisk winds to sunny escapades, let Aloe Kote keep your lips hydrated and protected.

Aloe Kote SPF 25 is great for chapped, dry lips, ears and noses. The balm base is made up of Aloe Oil to moisturise and hydrate, protecting against harmful rays with SPF 25.

This is a great product for anyone exposed to sun more frequently. It comes in a handy-sized pot perfect for your pocket or handbag.

Upgrade your lip care routine with the soothing touch of aloe and the trusted excellence of Aloe Kote.

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