Riemann P20 SPF 30 Sun Spray 100ml - 3 Pack Saver

£49.99 £56.97

P20 is in a league of its own. It's the one-of-a-kind sun care secret that requires just a single daily application, liberating you to savor every moment without sunscreen interruptions. Offering 10 hours of medium sun protection at SPF 30, even after a dip in the water, P20 outshines the competition in both performance and value. Now PABA and preservative-free, it won't leave a trace, ensuring your skin stays silky smooth. Tested and praised in extreme conditions, this travel-friendly wonder is your trusted companion, delivering under makeup too. Experience the extraordinary with P20.

Also available in 200ml.

  • 3 pack of Riemann P20 SPF 30 Sun Spray 100ml
  • Requires only one daily application, hassle-free
  • Provides 10 hours of SPF 30 protection, even after swimming
  • Economical and non-staining formula, now PABA and preservative-free
  • Proven effective in extreme conditions
  • Ideal for travel, leaving room for essentials
  • Performs flawlessly under makeup

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