Dock & Bay

Dock & Bay Cabana Towel Whitsunday Blue - Extra Large


The Dock & Bay Cabana beach towels are crafted to excel in beach and outdoor settings, boasting exceptional absorbency and rapid drying capabilities. Constructed from gentle, skin-friendly microfiber material, these towels provide a comfortable experience against the body.

In a stylish Whitsunday Blue hue, these towels inject a vibrant splash of color into your beach day. Their compact design ensures easy portability, and their lightweight nature makes them the ideal travel companion.

Incorporating sand-resistant technology, these towels actively repel sand, simplifying the task of shaking it off.

With their generous dimensions, superior absorption, and speedy drying performance, the Dock & Bay Bondi Blue Cabana beach towels emerge as an indispensable addition to your upcoming beach escapade.

  • Crafted from soft microfiber for skin-friendly comfort
  • Utilizes 100% recycled materials in their construction
  • Stylish Bondi Blue color
  • Rapid-drying and exceptionally absorbent
  • Sand-resistant technology for a sand-free experience
  • Compact and lightweight, facilitating effortless transport
  • Spacious dimensions for maximum coverage and comfort
  • An essential accessory for all beach and outdoor adventures

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