Hawaiian Tropic

Hawaiian Tropic Aftersun Coconut Body Butter 250ml

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Get ready to pamper your skin as soon as you open this tub of aftersun coconut body butter.  To us, Hawaiian Tropic products smell of holidays and this exotic coconut aftersun is no exception. After you’ve been in the sun, whether at home or on holiday, your skin will enjoy this luxuriously rich moisturising body butter which will re-hydrate and deeply moisturise your body. We recommend using Hawaiian Tropic Aftersun on clean, dry skin after spending your day enjoying the sunshine. It’s not just great for your sun exposed skin - use it all over, and all year round for a rich and intensive nourishing treatment.  Many of our team enjoy using this product to replenish their skin with this rich body butter.  Coconut Butter can moisturise for up to 12 hours - so it will be doing you good while you sleep. If your skin is sunburnt, we would recommend using Hawaiian Tropic Cooling Aloe Gel.

What’s in this body butter that makes it so luxurious?

Hawaiian Tropic aftersun coconut body butter is a blend of coconut oil, avocado, shea butter and mango extract. All of these contribute to the unmistakable Hawaiian Tropic scent plus the rich, smooth, silky soft feeling for your skin. There’s also plenty of Vitamins (A, B and E) to nourish your skin and maintain your tan.

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