Piz Buin

Piz Buin Travel Gift Set

Introducing the Piz Buin Travel Gift Set, a comprehensive package designed for sun care on the go. This set includes essential products tailored for sensitive skin, ensuring a safe and enjoyable sun experience.

Inside the set:

  • PIZ BUIN Allergy Sun Sensitive Face Cream SPF 50 Plus (50ml): This advanced formula offers immediate and reliable UVA/UVB protection, fortified with Calmanelle. This unique anti-irritant shield complex helps fortify the skin's defenses against the sun, while providing long-lasting moisturization. Sweat and water resistant, it's ideal for delicate facial skin. In vitro tested, it features Feverfew PFE, a potent antioxidant known to enhance skin resilience.

  • PIZ BUIN Tan Intensifying Oil Spray SPF 30 (150ml): Formulated with Illumitone, this oil spray offers medium protection while enhancing your natural tan. Generously apply before sun exposure and reapply frequently for optimal results.

  • PIZ BUIN After Sun Tan Intensifying Lotion (200ml): Enriched with Tanimel, this fast-absorbing lotion doubles the production of your skin's natural tanning pigments, promoting a deeper, more intense tan. Offering 24-hour intense hydration, it helps rejuvenate sun-stressed skin, while Vitamin E works to prevent premature aging. Not a self-tanning product.

Complete with a stylish gift bag, this set is perfect for those who prioritize sun protection and skincare while on the move.

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