Riemann P20 SPF 20 Sun Lotion Spray 200ml


P20 is a distinctive sun care solution, needing only one daily application, 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. You won't have to reapply, even after swimming, thanks to its impressive 10-hour factor 20 protection. This efficient product is budget-friendly, won't stain, and keeps your skin feeling smooth. Now free of PABA and preservatives, P20 has excelled in challenging conditions and is travel-friendly due to its compact size. It's even compatible with makeup, earning acclaim from global users.

Also available in 100ml.

  • Exceptional once-daily sun care solution
  • Delivers 10-hour medium sun protection (SPF 20)
  • No re-application required, even after swimming
  • Economical and non-staining formulation
  • Free of PABA and preservatives
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in extreme conditions

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