Riemann P20 SPF 30 Sun Spray 200ml


P20 stands as a true trailblazer in sun care. It's the unique secret that liberates you with just one daily application, allowing you to savor every moment uninterrupted by sunscreen concerns. With a remarkable 10 hours of SPF 30 protection, even resilient against water, P20 not only outperforms but also offers unmatched value. Now, free from PABA and preservatives, it leaves no trace, keeping your skin velvety smooth. Field-tested and praised in the harshest conditions, this travel-friendly marvel is your unwavering companion, performing flawlessly even under makeup.

Also available in 100ml.

  • Liberates you with one daily application
  • 10-hour SPF 30 protection, water-resistant
  • Economical and residue-free, now PABA and preservative-free
  • Proven excellence in extreme conditions
  • Ideal for travelers, saving space for essentials
  • Effortlessly complements your makeup routine

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