solar buddies

Solar Buddies Refillable Sunscreen Applicator Duo Pack Pink & Green

The Solar Buddies applicators are unique because they have been designed specifically for use by children. The shape of the bottle is chunky so it is easier for children to grip; the roller ball controls the flow of the lotion that is stored in the head of the applicator, whilst the sponge helps children to rub the lotion in. The bottle is refillable so parents can choose a product most suitable for their child.
  • Refillable
  • Use with a sunscreen of your choice
  • No waste
  • Less Mess
  • Holds 100ml

Are Solar Buddies Dishwasher Safe?

No – they aren’t. We recommend washing your empty Solar Buddie in lukewarm soapy water frequently. The applicator head can be washed regularly to stop it from getting clogged with sunscreen.

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