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Solar Buddies Replacement Heads 2 Pack

Loving Solar Buddies? Keep your Solar Buddies fresh with these Solar Buddies Replacement Heads. These reusable, refillable sunscreen applicators are a great way for you to teach your kids about sun safety. The sunscreen applicator has a unique chunky designed that is easy for kids to grip and use to apply their own sunscreen. The Solar Buddies Replacement Heads pack contains 2 replacement heads to keep you stocked up for the summer months. You can use whichever sun protection lotion or cream suits the skin of your kids. 

To replace the sponge (for best results, replace the sponge when the applicator is empty)

  • Simply unscrew the handle
  • The head is recyclable, so give it a wash and pop into your recycling bin.
  • Fill your Solar Buddies applicator with your favourite sunscreen
  • Replace the handle and you’re ready

Tips for how to care for your sunscreen applicator;

  • The applicator allows children to apply their own sunscreen, teaching them about sun safety, as well as independence.
  • We recommend that each Solar Buddy is only used by one person, even amongst siblings, for hygiene reasons.  
  • The applicator can be used by children, but we recommend adult supervision to ensure appropriate coverage and therefore sun protection for your little ones.
  • The choice of sun protection to use in Solar Buddies is up to you, but we recommend using an alcohol free product,
  • Be sure to clean and dry your Solar Buddy and the sponge unit regularly to keep it fresh and maintain its lifespan.
  • Replace the sponge every 2-3 months, if in constant use.
  • Be careful not to leave your Solar Buddy in direct sunlight, especially in heat over 30C
  • Avoid getting sand in the unit, especially on the roller ball or sponge.
  • We recommend using an alcohol free product, to avoid unnecessary wear on the sponge.

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