Ultrasun Tan Activator for Face SPF 30 50ml - 2 Pack Saver

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This handy Ultrasun Tan Activator for Face SPF 30 offers both SPF30 protection for the face plus an added tanning accelerator so you can achieve that sunkissed glow safely. Don't forget to pack this product along with your bikinis and sunglasses for this year's holiday. There's also Vitamin E to smooth, moisturise and revitalise your skin, whilst keeping it looking healthy and radiant. Also, the formula offers strong UVA protection - 90% UVA absorbance.
  • Advanced active ingredient that will stimulate production of melanin in your skin and activate the natural tanning process.
  • Ultralight lamellar broad-spectrum SPF30 protection with GSP for Infrared protection.  GSP-T is a powerful antioxidant complex that protects you skin from environmental damage as well as soothing your skin.
  • Contains Ectoin for active DNA and cell protection.
  • Ultrasun Tan Activator for Face SPF 30 comes in an airless pump dispenser, which prevents product deterioration and contamination.
  • The sun protection is incredibly fast-absorbing, ultralight and has a non-greasy texture.

How to use Ultrasun Tan Activator for Face SPF 30

  • Dispense 1 finger length of tan activator and apply this to your face evenly at least 15 minutes prior to sun exposure.
  • Dispense another finger length and apply this to your neck and ears.
  • Re-apply in the event of excessive towelling, sweating or prolonged swimming.
Ultrasun is ideal for anyone who is prone to sun allergies, such as prickly heat and Majorca acne (aka acne aestivalis). Within the Ultrasun range, there are other face sun protection products available.


This Ultrasun Tan Activator for Face SPF 30 does not contain perfume, emulsifiers or preservatives. Also, it does not contain Octocrylene or Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate (also known as Octinoxate). Here’s a list of the key active ingredients that will protect you from harmful UV rays:
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Ethylhexyl Salicylate
  • Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine.

How long do Ultrasun products last for? Do they expire?

All Ultrasun products have a shelf life of 36 months / 3 years from the date of production.   Once opened they can be used for a period of 24 months / 2 years

Ultrasun offers a wide range of sunscreen protection suitable for the whole family! From their ultra sensitive Kids collection, to the Sport range for those always on the move. The luxurious Ultrasun Face range means we’ve got you covered from head to toe! Ultrasun has plenty of added skin care options to choose from, particularly within the Ultrasun Face range. These include anti-pigmentation, anti-ageing, and tinted sunscreens to give your skin a warm glow. Ultrasun’s products do not contain any perfumes, emulsifiers or preservatives so it really is suitable for everyone, even the members of the family with more sensitive skin! Their newest products include Ultrasun Tan Activator and Ultrasun Glimmer giving you the ability to achieve high protection, without sacrificing your tan! Ultrasun also offers a travel size range so you never have to be without your favourite products. Looking for long-lasting protection for the whole family? Ultrasun comes doctor recommended, so you can keep everyone smiling in the sun! The Ultrasun sunscreen range is free from animal testing and vegan friendly* * excluding the Ultrasun Lip Balm (contains beeswax)

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