Wilkinson Sword

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Advanced Men's Razor Blades X4

£9.99 £27.50

We have designed every aspect of our machine - blades, refills, lubricating system and handle. They have been designed for incredible skin protection. Technology Our gel deposits create a protective barrier for a comfortable shave. The gel has been dermatologically tested and covers the skin with a protective layer and contains menthol. Its 5 sheets with safety bars bend the contact points to stretch the skin and prevent irritation. Built in Shock Absorb technology This mechanism allows you to detect when different pressure is exerted on the skin and self-adjusting to provide the optimal amount of pressure.

  • Shock Absorb Technology That Self-adjusts To Provide The Optimum Level Of Pressure.
  • 4 5-sheet Refills With Protective Bars That Smooth The Surface Of The Skin To Prevent It From Being Trapped Between The Leaves
  • The Gel Reservoir Contains Menthol And Is Activated With The Water Moisturizing In Each Pass, Helping To Protect Against Irritation.
  • The Gel Reservoir Slides Back So You Can Access Even The Most Difficult To Reach Areas Such As Under The Nose.
  • Slide The Gel Reservoir Back So You Can Use The Top Of The Leaves So You Can Trim Those Hard-to-reach Areas Like Under The Nose.
  • Our Handles Have Been Ergonomically Designed.
  • All Hydro Machines And Spare Parts Are Compatible With Each Other.

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