Wilkinson Sword

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Blades - 8 Pack

£11.99 £14.40

Wilkinson sword hydro 5 skin protection regular refills have been designed to protect against irritation. 5 ultra-glide blades and water activated gel deposits for a close and comfortable shave the gel deposits are activated with water and moisturize in each stroke helping to prevent irritation.

  • 6 Ultra-glide Blades And Water-activated Gel Deposits For A Close And Comfortable Shave
  • The Gel Deposits Are Activated With Water And Moisturize In Each Stroke Helping To Prevent Irritation.
  • 6 Sheets With Protective Bars That Smooth The Surface Of The Skin To Prevent It From Getting Caught Between The Leaves
  • The Gel Reservoir Glides Back So You Can Access Even The Hardest To Reach Areas Such As Under The Nose.
  • All Hydro Machines And Refills Are Compatible With Each Other

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