Wilkinson Sword

Wilkinson Sword Pocket Nail File

The Wilkinson Sword Sapphire Pocket Nail File meets the highest quality standards. The coarse side of the file is used for shaping the nails the fine side for subsequent smoothing. Corrosion-resistant and with the finest sapphire grit in two strengths. File handle with cuticle pusher and cuticle-straightener. Wilkinson Sword sapphire files are made from high quality chromed with flexible spring steel. Shapes without tearing or splitting nails. Additional protective cap, the practical file on the go. Part of Wilkinson Swords’ manicure and pedicure range. Precision instruments built by Wilkinson Sword, experience of over 200 years of history of making precision technology. 1 per pack.
  • Wilkinson Sword sapphire files are made from high quality chromed, flexible steel
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Coated with the finest sapphire abrasive in two different grades
  • The coarse side is used for shaping the nails, while the fine side is used for finishing and smoothing.
  • With practical protective cover for carrying when on the move
1 x Pedicure scissors

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