Wilkinson Sword

Wilkinson Sword Quattro For Women Blades - 3 Pack

£5.49 £6.99

Quattro for Women Razor Blades 3 Pack
Shaves so close you can skip a day or 2
Make your body ready for anything – be spontaneous!
Specifically designed to protect your skin and keep it smooth and irresistible, its protective wire guards will ensure you never have to worry about nicks and cuts again.
With the closest -blade shave imaginable and conditioning strips that will give you total smoothness, you can be ready for anything – so live life spontaneously!
The features
Our Quattro for Women range of razors give you 4 ultra thin blades for an incredibly close and long lasting shave. Enhanced with revitalising acai berry and jojoba extracts you’ll get skin that looks and feels fantastic.
• 4 blades and a compact pivoting head follow the contours of your body, making shaving quick, easy and effective.
• extra large conditioning strip enriched with acai berry and jojoba extracts will keep your skin in great condition.

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